Maybe you slipped up on your weight loss commitment. Maybe you haven’t been able to slim down as much as you’d hoped. One way or another, the good news is that there are visual tricks you can use when you want to look trimmer. Whether you’re going to your high school reunion or a special date, check out these hacks to help you look thinner by tonight.

  1. Look Longer and Leaner With a V-Neck

V-neck tops are a secret most short girls know. The V-neck’s upside-down triangle shape draws the eye up and makes you look taller and leaner. It also pulls the eye away from areas that may be a problem, like your belly, hips and thighs.  You can find V-neck shapes in all types of clothing, from sweaters and blouses to dresses and tank tops. Also, wearing an open jacket like a long blazer will hide curves.

  1. Pull Your Hair Up

In the same way that a V-neck pulls the eye upward, so too does a ponytail or bun. The more your hair is off of your face, the longer your face looks. If you want to appear taller, you can do a bit of teasing on top.

  1. Use Jewelry to Draw the Eye

One of the best ways to keep people from focusing on your body, give them something else to look at. If your upper arms make you unhappy, wear a big bracelet to draw attention to your wrists. If you want people to look at your face, wear some gorgeous sparkly earrings. Want the eye drawn to the center of your body? Wear a long, glamorous necklace.

  1. Keep Your Color Constant

If you wear contrasting colored top and bottom you draw a line across your middle, which draws the eye. Wearing the same color on top and on bottom makes you look taller and thinner. The same is true for your shoes: if you’re wearing a dress and your legs are showing, wear shoes that are the same color as your legs to make your legs look longer. If you’re wearing tights, your shoes should match them.

  1. Texture Is Not Your Friend

You may love that fluffy, fuzzy sweater, but it’s not helping you look thinner. In fact, it’s adding bulk to your body. When choosing clothes, think smooth and flat. Anything with texture will work against the slimming effect you’re looking for. The same is true when it comes to choosing your jeans. The new, embellished styles may be cute, but they’re calling attention to the areas you’re trying to minimize.

  1. Underneath it All

After you’ve chosen your clothes carefully, don’t mess it up with underwear that works against you. If your bra is poorly fit or your underwear is too tight or too loose, it will mess up the smooth lines you’ve worked so hard for. Invest in getting a bra that fits you, and a few pairs of smoothing underwear.

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