When you’re trying to lose weight, a lot of things can work against you. It’s important that you do everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of success, and the first place to start is with your own home. There are many ways that you can set up your home to help you with your weight loss goals. Here are our favorites.

  • Make sure you have a fruit bowl in the right place

Having fruit isn’t enough. A recent study showed that if you want to lose weight, your fruit bowl needs to be in front of the snack cabinet. If you see the fruit first, you are more likely to make the healthy choice. Another good idea is to put fruit near your car keys. That will remind you to take a piece of fruit with you for a snack. Keeping a bottle of water there is a good idea too!

  • Get rid of all foods that work against you

Plenty of people make the mistake of leaving sugar and fat-filled snacks in the house. That’s a bad idea. Do a clean sweep and get rid of them. If you don’t want to throw them away, donate them to a local shelter. And don’t make the excuse that you need them for the others who are in your house. Eating healthy will do them good too!

  • Memo Board Motivation

Add a memo board to your kitchen and use it for motivations, goals and reminders about eating better and exercising more. You can also use it to keep a healthy grocery list or a workout schedule.

  • Use Smaller Plates

There are tons of studies showing that when we use big plates and bowls, we eat more food. Switch to small bowls and plates so your servings stay the right size. Also, pack food and snacks into single sized servings.

  • Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Snacks

Dedicate an entire shelf of your refrigerator to fruits, veggies, hummus and other healthy snacks that will support your diet. Get rid of anything that has too much sugar or fat, or at least put it in a hard to reach spot that’s out of sight.

  • Camouflage the Candy

Did you ever wonder whether you would have wanted that piece of candy if you hadn’t known it was there? Studies have shown that people eat less sugary cereal when the box it’s in is undecorated. If you must keep bad foods in the house, put the things that tempt you into unmarked boxes that you can’t see inside of. The flip side of this idea is that you should put healthy foods into clear containers that make them look great! Display whole grains in pretty glass jars on your counter and you’ll be more likely to use them.

  • Take the TV Out of the Kitchen

If you have a television in the kitchen, you are much more likely to sit in front of it and eat. Get rid of the television and pay attention to your food.

  • Give Your Gym Bag Its Own Spot

To make sure you get to your workout, pack a gym bag every night and put it by the door – or maybe in your car. Remember to include a healthy snack and a big bottle of water!

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