If you’ve never had a cup of Rooibos tea, you don’t know what you’re missing. The tea with the beautiful red color has many things to recommend it. It is delicious and caffeine free, but it also has many health benefits that make it a smart choice. Here are 9 of the best reasons to add Rooibos tea to your tea shelf.

  • Rooibos delivers antioxidants, including Chryosoeriol, that work to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also has the compounds Aspalathin and Nothofagin. Both reduce inflammation and prevents the hardening of arteries.
  • The list of minerals found in Rooibos tea reads like an ad for strong bones. From calcium and fluoride to copper and zinc, drinking Rooibos helps build bone mass and helps to fight osteoporosis.
  • We mentioned Apalathin before. The antioxidant does more than just fight pain. It also helps control blood sugar. Its boost to insulin resistance means it can help prevent type 2 diabetes, and if you already have the disease, it can help to keep it under control. Rooibos is so delicious and spicy on its own that it doesn’t need any sweetener, so it is also a good choice for a healthy sweet treat.
  • Do you have stomach trouble? If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, or irritable bowel, Rooibos has compounds that help stop stomach spasms and cramps.
  • Antioxidants do all kinds of good things for the body. The most important is fighting cancer. When our bodies are exposed to pollution, UV rays, and unhealthy foods, they release free radicals. These do tremendous damage to cells, and can lead to cancer. The antioxidants in Rooibos tea can work to reverse that damage.
  • Do you have trouble sleeping at night? A hot cup of herbal tea can really help, and Rooibos is the perfect choice. Not only is it free of caffeine but it is also well known to help aid sleep. In fact, in South Africa parents use Rooibos tea to calm children before bedtime. Its sweet spicy flavor is very comforting.
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, then adding Rooibos to your daily diet is a good idea. Not only does it help to make sure that you’re taking in plenty of fluids, but it’s high in a type of antioxidant called Polyphenol. Polyphenols are also found in green tea, and they are known for helping you burn fat. Rooibos also boosts levels of leptin, the hormone that tells your body that you’re full.
  • Rooibos contains both alpha hydroxy acid and zinc. These two compounds make your skin glow. You can drink it for its nutrients, but you can also take the used tea bags and put them on your skin. It will help reduce fine lines and age spots.
  • Rooibos contains an antioxidant called Quercetin. This compound blocks the cells that cause allergic reactions. If you’re suffering from hay fever or other allergies, a cup of Rooibos can cut symptoms and make you feel much better.

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